Bats need an opening as small as ¼ inch x1 inch to enter a structure. Chewing animals such as squirrels can create openings in sofit and fascia materials, in addition animals such as woodpeckers can bore holes in siding sofit and fascia that bats can use to enter the structure. However, post construction related openings account for the vast majority of bat entry points year in and year out. Deflection in the structure due to aging materials, poor workmanship, A new roof due to hail, repair from fire damage or ice dam issues, wind damage.

At Bat Free LLC we inspect siding, windows, soffit, fascia, venting, chimneys, flashing, valleys, roof lines…and more.  We know where and how to let the currently roosted bats get out, as well as where and how to seal to prevent their re-entry.  Bat Free LLC strives to keep the overall visability of our work to a minimum.  We do not use spray foam as a component in the bat proofing process.