What does residential bat proofing involve?

Bat proofing involves knowing how and where to let the currently roosted bats get out, as well as know how and where to seal to keep them from getting back in!

To do this, Bat Free will examine individual components of construction on the infested structure.  These areas may include but will not be limited to the siding, soffit, fascia, venting, roof lines, chimneys, flashing, and valleys.

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Which Parts of Your Home Will We Examine?

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To bat proof a structure, Bat Free LLC examines the entire exterior of a structure. Upon determining an active bat entry point, we may choose to mount an excluder (one way door).  These hand crafted devices allow the currently roosted bats to exit the structure while at the same time preventing their re-entry.

Bat Free LLC will conscientiously mount these exit devices in such a way and in sufficient quantity so as to let the bats escape, while maintaining the overall aesthetics of the structure in question. The rest of the bat proofing process includes meticulously sealing all the other potential entry points, to prevent re-infestation.


Read Our Terms of Service

  • Bat Free LLC offers a 2 year non-transferable warranty on bat proofing work unless specifically stated by Bat Free LLC.  This warranty is limited to bats entering the interior of the structure and does NOT state or imply prevention of bats that may roost on the exterior of the home.
  • Bat Free LLC is to be held harmless for re-infestation due to deterioration, construction, animal damage, wind damage, ice dam damage…Bat Free LLC may continue to work with the homeowner on a time and material basis in the event that any of these take place.  Our T&M rate will be discussed on an as needed basis.
  • Bat Free LLC is to be held harmless for visual alterations to the structure.  Bat Free LLC is sensitive to the aesthetic nature of our bat proofing work and will strive to keep the bat proofing repairs as unrecognizable as possible.
  • Bat Free LLC endorses and practices non-lethal bat proofing.
  • Special Order Items (Exclusion Pro Vents Guards, Ridgeguard Ridge vent protection systems, etc) require a non-refundable deposit.
  • Chimneys, fireplaces, b vent pipes, and gas appliance pipes such as but not limited to gas hot water heater stacks and gas fireplace vents must be serviced/secured by a qualified HVAC technician.  Bat Free LLC does NOT hold HVAC certification or insurances.  Bat Free LLC is to be held harmless for bat entry through HVAC devices. Powered exhaust roof vents will be secured for an additional $175.00 per device unless specified as a line item on the formal bid.
  • Payment in full is due upon completion of the work unless previously agreed upon and terms set and agreed upon by both Bat Free LLC and the property representative. Failure to cancel an appointment 1 week prior to the commencement of work will result in a $250.00 cancellation fee.  Returned checks will result in an additional $30.00 fee.  The client will be responsible for all costs of collection, including but not limited to, court costs, attorney fees, and any and all legal measures to collect the amount owed under contract or any effort to recover cancellation fees.
  • Please allow 10 days to pass to ensure all currently roosted bats have had sufficient time to leave once there have been 5 consecutive nights with temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees.
  • Bat proofing the structure will NOT prevent bats from roosting behind shutters, downspouts, or other areas of the home including porches and shutters.
  • Overhead garage doors, side entry garage doors, and unscreened garage windows MUST be closed prior to dusk year round. FYI – big brown bats are known to continue to fly well after temperatures below  32 degrees!
  • Window mounted a/c units attract bats due to their electrical signature as well as the heat they produce. These must therefore be properly sealed when installed yearly to prevent bat entry.
  • Bat guano on porches, decks, and shutters are not an indication of continued infestation.  Big brown bats make use of exterior night roosts where they hang and digest their food.  Bat guano on porches is normal bat behavior and is likely to continue for extended periods of time after the exclusion process. In the event that this becomes a concern Bat Free LLC has techniques to alter this behavior.
  • Bat Free LLC offers professional guano removal/attic restoration services.  Click Here for complete details and discussion of this topic.

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