A respiratory illness associated with bat guano is called Histoplasmosis. It begins in the lungs but has also been known to attack other organs such as the eyes.  It is contracted by inhaling the spores from the organism H. capsulatem that can grow on bat guano.  People become at risk when the H. capsulatem (histoplasmosis spores) are aerosolized and inhaled due to disturbing(ex-sweeping) bat guano.  “So if there is bat guano in my attic, do I need to get it cleaned up?” Cdc link – https://www.cdc.gov/fungal/diseases/histoplasmosis/index.html

Attic Restoration is not a foregone conclusion.  Some infestations are relatively light and or relatively new. Bat Free is happy to help determine if remediation is necessary by giving an attic restoration opinion.  In the case it is deemed necessary to remediate former roost sites from the structure, Bat Free LLC will take the necessary steps to protect you the homeowner as well as protecting our highly skilled and valuable workers! Bat guano poses potential health risks to anyone who enters a roosting area and disturbs the material  Bat Free LLC  will, therefore, strive to put in place measures to protect the interests of both parties involved. This will include but is not limited to dust control measures, effective and ethical use of germicides and encapsulants, sound collection and disposal practices, as well as proper use of PPE(personal protective equipment). We will not cut corners for the sake of time or money and place people at risk.  Another disease associated with bats is rabies.